Whether you are enjoying a beautiful day with the family or you are doing jumps in the snow park, the perfect boot is the key point to your ski holiday.
Skiing was originally a means of transport before being a sport. There was a very gradual adaptation of the shoe to its function in skiing. The outcome was spectacular, and now, skiing has its own shoe with features tailored to the technical discipline.

There are different options available depending on your problems and or needs. Please do consult our professional qualified technicians and we’re sure together we will find the perfect solution.

The different options are:

ORTHOTICS- Conformable Sole, best fit in Ski boots

Due to our technologies and our trained technicians we are able to eliminate the discomforts of the past. Many of these issues were a result of the arch collapsing as the skier goes on the inside edge. Orthotics is one way to eliminate this movement by holding the foot in a neutral position which in turn supports all the muscles and ligaments of the foot. As a result the foot will stay centred in the middle of the boot keeping both ankle bones and instep bones in the locations the boot manufactures designed them to be.

The goal of the ski boot is to transfer energy from the body to the skis. Even the slightest empty space inside the ski boot takes away from how quickly the boot will make the ski turn. It is this wasted space that makes turns more difficult and as a result makes the feet and body tired.
By using Orthotics, our technicians will make sure there is no wasted space under the foot therefore allowing the ski to turn quicker and with more power. The result is better skiing with less effort.


Mariethoz Sports is one of the only 5 Sport shops in the French speaking part of Switzerland which has been chosen by Fischer to introduce this new amazing boot.
A global innovation - the first ski boot that really has a 100 % fit! Fischer VACUUM FIT technology makes it possible for the first time to have a completely anatomical fit of the entire boot in a quality that was previously unattainable. The basis for this is the new, patented Fischer VACU-PLAST material. The easy adjustment procedure which is comfortable for the customer takes only 20 minutes and offers an extremely reliable and stable result. The material can be reshaped up to five times. Thanks to the VACUUM FIT, we can guarantee our customers a 100 % perfect fit.

In addition we also offer customisation or repair of your current ski boot.