The perfect fit of your rental boots is ensured by our technical staff.
Feel free to try on as many as you wish. It is vital for your skiing holiday enjoyment to have the correct boots on your feet...


Our ski range consists of:

If you have something in mind which we have not listed, please get in touch with one of our technicians or let our shop staff know. Our sister company in town might just have the missing ski you are looking for.

Still unsure? Please contact us before making your online order so we can assist with the selection of a ski/board which is most suited to you according to the resort conditions during your holiday.

For the little ones:
A full stock of ski boots, skis and helmets for children from the age of 2 are available.


We’re happy to also rent the following equipment:
Touring Skis (Mariéthoz Sports)

Full security sets: shovels, probes, transceivers