In order to make your day on the mountain more enjoyable, Ski Service at Mariéthoz Sport has invested in a new Montana Diamond Service machine. This guarantees the optimal ski/board finish each time you leave your equipment for a service.
A ski or board is only perfectly prepared when all the service steps from base via the edges up to the bevelling are completed to a high precise standard. Your skis/board are in professional hands.
For a race finish or special requests please talk to our technicians.
In the unlikely event that you are not happy with the way your skis have been serviced we will redo the service free of charge.

Service Procedure:


First base and edges are brought to one flat surface to prepare the base for an optimal edge angle. Then the base is given the best suitable structure in order to give optimal control on various snow conditions


Side edges are being grinded over the entire length in an exactly defined angle (87°, 88° or 89°).

For an optimal grip and best carving properties you need an edge angle of less than 90°. Thanks to the MONTANA ceramic belt technology the edge is grounded smoothly


Provides absolutely polished base edges, tuned to an angle of  0.5°.  
On one side the tuning removes the burr that is made by the side edge grinding, and on the other side the base edge is being polished and made slightly hanging by about 0.5° without impact on the already finished base. The shining polished edge improves the gliding properties.