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Salomon Enduro XT 800


Salomon is setting new standards for all-mountain skis with the Enduro series. The Salomon Enduro XT 850 Skis are high-performance all-mountain skis combining Powerline dampening system for unrivaled stability and control with all-mountain rocker for more terrain versatility. With its amazing carving ability, confidence at high speeds, and flotation in deep powder this XL Chassis is designed for skiers who ski half on-piste and half off-piste


Salomon Shortkart:

Salomon BBR 8.9

 Salomon BBR 8.9 Skis 2012: Totally new design in sidecut and shape technology, the Salomon BBR 8.9 Skis have an oversized, surfboard shaped tip for floatation in soft snow and terrain absorption, combined with a narrow tail and short radius sidecut for quick, precise carving on piste. Carve precise slalom turns with this ultra quick and short turn radius, and take them in some deep stuff for a full-out water ski/pin tail sensation. V-Shape is the future, and it’s here now.


Salomon BBR 7.9

Totally new design in sidecut and shape technology, the Salomon BBR 7.9 Skis have an oversized, surfboard shaped tip for floatation in soft snow and terrain absorption, combined with a narrow tail and short radius sidecut for quick, precise carving on piste. This slimmed down version of the BBR will carve precise slalom turns with this ultra quick and short turn radius, and it will float in the deep stuff with a full-out water ski/pin tail sensation. V-Shape is the future, and it’s here now.


Nordica Fire Arrow 80 Pro XBI CT

Le Fire Arrow 80 Pro est le successeur du FA 80 de 2010 qui est un succès mondial : c'est un ski qui apporte de nouvelle ligne de côte et surtout un nouveau designe qui donne un esprit plus gai, plus jeune, plus dynamic.ce ski redonne du plaisir à skier sur la piste!

aucun rocker
cambre normal aucun rocker
cambre normal
type. Allround niveau. Avancé poids. 4,900 kg
tailles. 164 172 cms 180

Nordica Fire Arrow 80 Ti

Nordica has brought the fun back to the front side with the Nordica Fire Arrow 80 TI Skis. There have been a lot of excitement, momentum and technology advances in big-mountain and park and pipe skis over the last couple of years, but yet there are still a ton of skiers that enjoy ripping around on groomers and the front side. The Fire Arrow 80 TI is a new combination of a modern front side sidecut shape paired with a versatile waist and a twin tip ski design. Nordica designed a ski that has the spirit of the young and exciting movement in skiing, but is the perfect product for front side skiers.

Nordica Cinnamon Girl XBI CT


Un ski au ligne de côte moderne avec un patin allround(74) qui pourra faire evoluer les skieuses sur la piste et en bordure de piste avec une facilite et un confort au top sans oublier la deco tr7s "zen"!

Type : Allround niveau.
Poids : 4,300 kg
Tailles : 148 156 164 cms 172 180

Nordica Dobermann Spitfire

Description du Nordica Ace of Spades Jr (fournie par Nordica). Un super ski freestyle pour les kids qui reprend la déco du pro modèle.
aucun rocker
cambre normal aucun rocker
cambre normal
type. Freestyle niveau. Débutant/Intermédiaire
tailles. 108 118 128 138 cms 148 

Description du Nordica Ace Of Spades Ti

Park and Pipe skiers need skis that support their aggressive style of skiing and all the performance demands that come with it. The Nordica Ace of Spades TI Skis are designed to provide park and pipe specific stability, durability and performance. They are lightweight for maximum air control and built with sandwich construction for precision, durability and ability to generate speed. The Ace of Spades is built for athletes like Peter Olenick and you to charge the 22 foot pipes across the globe.

Type : Freestyle niveau.
Poids : 3,800 kg
Tailles : 163 170 177 cms 184


Atomic Noma Blackeye Ti

The Atomic Blackeye Ti Skis, featuring a modest 82 mm waist width that combines smoothness on piste with sufficient float in soft snow. An Adaptive Rocker in the tip means easy turn initiation and maneuverability from edge to edge while still maintaining total edge contact while on edge. The Adaptive Rocker also allows you to stay much more on top when working in the crud or powder. Make the Atomic Blackeye Ti Skis your new carving ski and you will find that more of the mountain is your playground than ever befor.


Fischer Progressor 10+ Cline

Style is the hallmark of good breeding. Which is why skiers choose the Progressor 10+ C-LINE - a true gentleman. It keeps itself under control and behaves perfectly. With its wider race ski construction and a waist measuring 73 mm, it goes into turns without too much aggression but with remarkable stability. Supported by its 0.5 mm Titanal shell and the Dual Radius System, the ski is simply perfect for enjoying both quick and also long, sweeping turns – until Big Ben chimes and it‘s time for afternoon tea.

Fischer Zephir C-Line

Their high expectations in terms of design and quality are a challenge. The woman with character and style loves life. Sport is her hobby, art is her love. The city of her heart is Paris – the ski of her choice is My Style. With Wood Core and Sandwich Sidewall Construction, this extremely sporty ladies‘ ski has an extensive range of use. Thanks to its puristic appearance and top-quality design, however, it makes a highly sophisticated statement. Sporty, charming, chic and interesting for a woman‘s world.


Movement Logic


La mission de ce ski est d’augmenter la portance et l’équilibre général sur les neiges difficiles. Confortable et très maniable, cette nouvelle génération de ski de montagne large remporte un franc succès. Ses imposantes spatules et sa ...

Type :  Rando
Niveau : Expert
Poids. 2,500 kg
Tailles. 160 168 cms 176 184

Movement Random X-Series


Dans sa version X-SERIES, le RANDOM se profile comme l' un des skis les plus légers et les plus polyvalents de son secteur d'utilisation. Il étonne par son comportement homogène et sa facilité d'utilisation dans les conditions les plus extrêmes. Ce ski a été conçu pour les professionnels de la montagne et les randonneurs dotés d'un excellent niveau basant leurs performances sur des progressions rapides en bénéficiant d'un encombrement minimum.
aucun rocker
cambre normal aucun rocker
cambre normal
type. Rando niveau. Expert poids. 1,800 kg
tailles. 151 159 167 cms 175


Volkl Code Speedwall 2012


Rocker meets Speedwall

The Volkl Code's moderate Tip & Tail Rocker allows for a smooth, playful ride, while the camber underfoot creates acceleration and pop. For skiers who want to ski fast on the groomers with the ultimate combination of edge grip, stability, and velvety smooth ride, Volkl has de-CODEd the formula.
The rocker design makes it incredibly easy to initiate turns, while the 3D-shaped Titanal surface lends extra agility and smoothness to the ride. Combine rocker with Speedwall and your going to have a perfect day on the mountain no matter what the conditions.

Voelkl Fuego


Women's 2012: Do you bring total finess and discipline to the entire mountain through your skiing? If so, the Volkl Fuego Skis are ready to guide and enhance your technique. Featuring the Bio-Logic system, the Volkl Fuego Skis are for expert skiers who want the finest frontside/all-mountain ski Volkl has ever offered. The Bio-Logic system features a combination of stance, shape and flex that create a revolutionary blend of improved performance and ease of use.

Voelkl RTM 84


Winner of every major magazine award in this season's buyer's guides, the innovative Voelkl RTM 84 Skis are designed for good skiers who want smooth carving on the front side of the mountain combined with uncanny maneuverability in soft snow.Voelkl's proprietary full rocker technology gives the skier smooth, direct turn initiation, and a playful overall feel. Its new construction even yields a 15% weight savings compared to its predecessor, the AC50.

Voelkl Kendo


The Volkl Kendo Skis are for the skier who wants an all-mountain freeride ski for 50/50 frontside/backside skiing. It shares the same construction as the Mantra but features a new shape of 127-88-109, 8mm narrower at the waist, and full camber making it a go-anywhere daily driver.

Völkl Kenja


On the fence? Love the pow, but can’t get enough of carving hard on-piste too? The Volkl Kenja Skis are for you. The Kenja Skis are brand new skis in the women's freeskiing category and feature a Bio-Logic shape of 129-86-105. Best suited for advanced to expert women skiers who want to ride a 50/50 blend of groomed or soft snow conditions, the Kenja (meaning: wise person) is sure to become a go-to all mountain freeride ski for this season.

Völkl Bridge


The totally redesigned Volkl Bridge Skis features a shape of 128-95-115, with a smooth, gradual ELP rocker from uniform edge contact on groomed snow and maneuverability in deep snow. While the Kendo and Mantra offer acceleration and pop out of the turn, the Volkl Bridge Skis offer a smooth, playful ride from big mountain to park.

Voelkl Shiro Jr


The Volkl Shiro is a wide big mountain ski. The Shiro has ELP Full Rocker for added maneuverability in soft snow while allowing arcs on groomed snow. We tried groomed runs and it was fine.